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Archived Fire Damage Blog Posts

Expert Restoration Services After Fire Damage in San Jose

5/21/2023 (Permalink)

a fire damaged hallway with soot covering the walls and ceiling Dealing with fire damage is a task best left to the professionals. Call SERVPRO 24/7 for certified technicians to help remediate your home.

SERVPRO Provides 24/7 Fire Cleanup Assistance

San Jose City is the largest in area and population in all of Northern California. Whether you are planning a visit to the region or living and working here, this region is visually stunning and rich in history. As your local water and fire damage restoration provider, SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians take immense pride in the local community. We offer rapid response and trusted results for any repair and restoration project we get called to, ensuring commercial and residential customers get back on track.

In addition to counting on SERVPRO for fire damage restoration in San Jose, you will find many other fantastic businesses, retail locations, and eateries to enjoy. Whether you are planning a night out with friends or want to grab lunch in the middle of your workday, there is never a shortage of memorable things to see and do.

Local eats and sightseeing opportunities abound.

Families, single travelers, and couples spending time in the city have plenty of unique options to choose from, such as:

  • Santana Row: A true gem of the city, Santana Row is a chic shopping development in the downtown area. Not only is there a movie theater and countless eateries, but you will also have your pick of designer shops like Gucci and Kate Spade. Once the sun goes down, this shopping district turns into an urban nightlife hub.
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: Whether you are looking for a great learning opportunity for kids or you are an ancient history buff, this is an excellent choice. The museum is home to the most extensive Egyptian collection along the West Coast, with over 4,000 artifacts to explore. There is also an onsite planetarium that screens three unique space films.
  • The Tech Interactive: Since San Jose is the hub of Silicon Valley, this is an excellent facility in the downtown area that involves hands-on learning exhibits involving clean energy, biotechnology, space exploration, and more. 

Have you had a recent fire at your San Jose property? For prompt, reliable fire damage cleanup and restoration, you can count on SERVPRO of NE San Jose. Call us at (408) 834-7663 or request assistance online.

The Main Obstacles of Fast San Jose Fire Damage Restoration

4/3/2023 (Permalink)

Back of a SERVPRO van by wooden boxes holding contents If you are unsure how to restore your home following a house fire, contact SERVPRO in San Jose.

Restoring Fire Damage Involves Several Steps

In a city of more than a million residents, fires happen at all hours of the day and night. Much like first responders reaching the scene to begin extinguishing the blaze, the faster you or your insurance provider can reach out to our experienced team, the better prepared we are to enter the property. In many cases, we have teams ready to mobilize before the fire is entirely out to transition to restoration and mitigation when it is safe to do so.

San Jose fire damage happens in several ways, from electrical overloads to grease fires, so the responders have to be experienced and knowledgeable about the best and most efficient cleanup approaches. With talented and accredited FSRT-Certified technicians on our roster, we have a division of employees who are cross-trained in other related fields like odor control and water restoration – ready to help.

The Insurance Red Tape

Working with the insurance company is never an easy feat, especially when acting as the mediator between restoration services and their specific demands to get a damage claim approved. Our SERVPRO team works directly with many of the Bay Area’s top insurance companies and has become a preferred vendor. We know that adjusters are looking for specific information in the early stages of claims:

  • Estimations
  • Detailed Work Plans
  • Calculated Timelines
  • Content Claim Inventory Services

Working Fast to Protect Your Home

Once we have the clearance to get started in your home, we can prioritize the helpful mitigation services we offer to limit post-fire effects. Mitigation is a process suitable for nearly all our restoration professionals on the scene, as several actions simultaneously protect the property and its contents from irreparable harm. Some actions include:

  • Clearing Contents
  • Removing Debris
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Air Filtration

Assessing Soot Damage Concerns

Soot is among the more challenging obstacles for our fire damage restoration professionals and should be addressed as soon as possible. The longer that soot particles rest on sensitive surfaces, the more likely they are to cause irreparable harm. Several practices lift and remove these stubborn soils like solvents and detergents. We pre-test and find the best product for the job to limit structural damage.

The Truth About Smoke Malodors 

Combustion also creates strong odors that spread through the household and impact materials and occupants. While one of the final restoration objectives, malodors must be resolved entirely to put customers at ease. This battle occurs on three different fronts:

  • Open-Air Odors – This references the overall smoke odor throughout the structure, which can often be mostly resolved with ozone machines or hydroxyl generators.
  • Trapped Malodors – Trapped odors occur when the heat of a fire widens the pores of building materials, so infiltrating smoke molecules become trapped when the pores shrink again. Foggers are ideal for this challenge, as they turn liquid deodorizer into a vapor that can penetrate these pores. 
  • Imaginary Smells – Imaginary smells are what customers believe they are experiencing, even if they are not there. The sight of fire damage can bring these to fruition, and we must treat this condition with deodorants and masking products. 

Trusted Full-Service Contractors 

Fire damage repairs are more common than you might think. SERVPRO helps save time and money for the customer without compromising installation quality with our general contractor license. Our experience allows us to complete several build-back services your residence might require after a fire.

San Jose fire damage is stressful and destructive in many cases. Let our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team help you through the cleanup by calling (408) 834-7663.

Expert Fire Restoration in San Jose

9/26/2022 (Permalink)

techs posing with owner in drivers seat of box truck This group of SERVPRO technicians provide superior fire damage restoration service for San Jose

San Jose SERVPRO Technicians Can Restore your Home

Unattended kitchen stoves, candles, and open fireplaces can all be causes of a housefire. Most typical fires caused at the home lead to minimal damage. However, the cosmetic aspects of the home, such as the decor and indoor air quality, can all be seriously affected by smoke. Smoke is released when materials combust. Hot air rises, which can lead to the most significant smoke residues appearing directly above the source of the fire. However, it is not uncommon for smoke residues to be found in hallways or staircases adjacent to the affected area. SERVPRO can help rid your home of:

  • Fire odor
  • Fire debris
  • Smoke residues

Planning fire damage restoration in San Jose

Communication and planning are vital to get direct information about the property and the types of damage. Different materials respond differently to cleaning actions and equipment. Equally, fires can vary significantly from property to property, with factors such as the type of materials combusting, the length of the fire, and the temperature all being important considerations ahead of a restoration project. Our technicians have experience working with local homes. Still, crucially, we also perform a pre-test at each home we work at to ensure we tailor our approach to any unique requirements presented by the restoration project.

  • Pre-testing includes using cleaning agents on discrete parts of damaged surfaces to assess their effectiveness and whether there are any adverse reactions.
  • Using these tests on fabrics helps us avoid dye-bleeding, shrinking, or watermarking problems.
  • Our technicians are experienced in the proper application, dilution, and rest time of solvents used to get rid of smoke residues and soiling.

For a tailored approach to restoration, contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose for fire restoration at (408) 834-7663.

Most Destructive Conditions During San Jose Fire Restoration

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO teams getting ready for the day. Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are the way to go for your home. We are ready at a moment's notice.

Fire Restoration Obstacles for Restorers

When SERVPRO professionals are made aware of a fire loss situation, it is imperative to move quickly to help. We have experienced Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians available 24/7 to help after first responders extinguish a fire.

Structural Integrity

One of the initial obstacles to fire restoration in San Jose is the property's structural integrity. Fires in the house can weaken flooring and ceiling assemblies, which could lead to collapse or failure when pressure is applied. We assess the condition of these elements and weakened areas of the house to install temporary construction reinforcement or begin controlled demolition where necessary.

Indoor Air Quality

Another obstacle to the restoration process is the air quality in the work environment. While initially very volatile with the circulation of soot and smoke solids, other parts of the recovery process can regulate these conditions. Our SERVPRO professionals must keep filtration equipment available to control threats in the house to indoor air quality.

Soot and Smoke Damage

Soot is a byproduct of combusting materials during a disaster. With various compositions ranging from moist deposits to dry, chalky films, we have several products capable of overcoming soils and preserving the underlying building materials.

Needed Repairs and Reconstruction

Because we have a contractor license, any required construction and build-back services do not have to hinder restoration and recovery. Keeping this next phase in-house rapidly transitions to reconstruction needs to shorten customer restoration time dramatically. This could include:

  • Replacing wall systems
  • Reinstalling ceiling materials
  • Repainting and refinishing
  • Returning removed contents to the house

Fires represent some of the most destructive and volatile conditions that residences have to face, making it essential to have professionals respond quickly to help. Working directly with your insurance company, we can provide lasting fire restoration solutions to get you back home quickly. Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Pre-Fire Restoration Services for San Jose Homes

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck gearing up for the day Fire damage restoration is no easy task. Let SERVPRO specialists handle all the work for you, from start to finish.

What Mitigative Strategies Help Fire Restoration?

Some of the earliest actions our experienced professionals take can impact the success of later fire restoration. Mitigation combines multiple efforts into a single focus on protecting the property from greater harm and preventing irreparable damage to contents. Several early emergency services can help get the needed cleanup started.

Overcoming Post-Fire Debris

Fire restoration for San Jose homes must include efforts to clean up and remove fire debris. The remnants of the damaged materials impacted by spreading fire loss effects can amplify other damages your property could experience. Excessive waste increases the concentration of soot and smoke, damaging odors in the environment. We work to quickly discard the debris after a fire, including:

  • Charred Materials
  • Soot
  • Ash
  • Smoke Solids

Improving Environmental Quality

Another focus of our emergency services will be cleaning up the environment. Indoor air quality (IAQ) measures the cleanliness of the breathable air in the affected portions of your property. We implement HEPA filtration products to improve these conditions and remove circulating contaminants like soot particles. Surface cleaning can also decrease airborne threats.

Managing Damaged or At-Risk Contents

Fire loss effects could greatly damage your personal belongings. Between harsh odors left after combustion and the water used to extinguish the blaze, contents can often be among the heaviest impacted materials in the work areas. While on-site cleanup is preferred and considered, we also provide off-site recovery at our SERVPRO facilities to help.

Fires can present multiple layers of damage to your home or business. Addressing these concerns must happen quickly, so our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team stays ready to help. Much of the fire restoration process can benefit from the early emergency services our team provides after the first notice of loss. We have experienced restoration professionals available 24/7 when you call (408) 834-7663.

Complete, Efficient Fire Restoration for Area Residents in San Jose

5/29/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged wall in a house with debris on the floor and windowsill Each fire damage situation is different and needs a custom restoration plan. Call SERVPRO 24/7 to assess and help with the scene in your home.

San Jose Property Owners Trust SERVPRO for Fire Restoration Services

When you contact SERVPRO for fire remediation efforts, our team will focus on working restore versus replacing as much as possible. We understand how destructive fire events can be, so working to maintain as many structural and building elements of your San Jose property is vital. All surfaces get thoroughly evaluated for the best cleaning methods, and we take extra care with your personal belongings. You can trust our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fire restoration in San Jose must involve careful evaluation of all surfaces to achieve safe, efficient results. Our crew chief performs a thorough assessment to select the right equipment and methods based on each project. We understand that no two fire events are alike, so we look at how each surface area or material has been impacted, including:

  • Staining and discoloration
  • Soiling or soot damage
  • Blistered or warped surfaces
  • Weakened strength/integrity

Many fire restoration projects call for controlled demolition

Controlled demolition must be done for thorough reconstruction with the careful cleanup of all charred debris and the determination of unsalvageable materials. We move through the fire impact zone and other areas to handle the removal and replacement of building materials as needed. This may include the replacement of drywall, paneling, ceiling tiles, baseboards, and carpeting. Trusted area contractors and vendors handle everything to produce a finished result that brings your property back to pre-fire condition.

Our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) also handle potential malodors from smoke infiltration and water used to battle the fire by first responders. We eliminate odors rather than masking them with the help of thermal fogging equipment and professional-grade solutions so that you can breathe easy in your home without lingering reminders of the event.

SERVPRO of NE San Jose is the team you want on your side when you require help with fire restoration. Call us around the clock for emergency response at (408) 834-7663. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fire Damage Restoration, Residue, and Odor Removal in San Jose

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

B&A fire damage build back From fire damage cleanup and demolition through the build back--San Jose counts on SERVPRO--"Like it never even happened."

Need Help with Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup in San Jose? – Call SERVPRO

Many fires produce copious amounts of smoke and residue, especially when fires burn intensely in San Jose homes or businesses. Light, fluffy smoke particles cover everything and must be removed using specialized cleaning procedures to avoid damage to furniture, fabrics, and decorative or ornamental areas of furniture, molding, and artwork.

SERVPRO provides San Jose area fire damage restoration, odor removal, and cleaning services to residents and business owners. We are available 24/7 and dispatch to your home or business in less than four hours from your initial call. We get to work as soon as the fire department gives the go-ahead that it is safe to enter the premises. We apply controlled demolition techniques in the immediate area of the fire and begin cleaning and restoration of your home to enable your return once all of the restoration and repairs have been completed.

Hot fires often produce light fluffy or loose smoke particles that alight on everything in the building. We clean almost every square inch to avoid lingering odors and ongoing particles on fabrics, furniture, and walls. We use various methods to remove these particles while avoiding secondary damage from the cleaning process. For example, mechanical action causing mild agitation can remove residues in many situations:

  • We use feather dusters on hard surface furniture
  • Paintbrushes of various sizes and softness are used on decorative and ornamental hard surface areas
  • We vacuum textured surfaces, walls, ceilings, and fabrics to remove residues
  • We use compressed air to remove loose residues from electronics, crevices, or along with moldings

We assess every situation before we begin, and we use the most efficient and safe method to protect your home and possessions while cleaning up after a fire. Please call us for further information and assistance.

Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose and nearby areas for fire damage restoration assistance. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 834-7663

SERVPRO Process for Fire Cleanup in San Jose Homes

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

smoke entering room from under door Smoke and soot travel far from the blaze and damage and can be difficult to remove.

Need Assistance with Cleaning Up After a Fire in San Jose – Call SERVPRO

Cleaning up after a fire in San Jose involving removing soils and particles that are not loose must be completed carefully to avoid damaging the surface they are on. Cleaning a material with the wrong cleaning agent can cause the soils and residues to adhere tightly to the surface or cause smearing or penetrating further into the fabric. Porous materials need careful handling avoid further damage.

SERVPRO examines the types of residues and surfaces before beginning fire cleanup in residences or commercial buildings in San Jose. We dissolve soils and particles before removal. Dissolving the residues loosens the bond they have with the item's surface. The residue particles become suspended in the cleaning product, which can flush away as the cleaning products are rinsed out. We are cautious about the type of cleaning agent we use. Some materials can be damaged by water, while others may suffer damage from solvents.

We use a three-step process to remove soils and residues once a cleaning agent is selected. 

  • Wash – a cleaning agent, is applied to the surface and gently agitated.
  • Rinse – soils are removed with the cleaning solution used as a rinsing agent
  • Dry – once the cleaning agent is removed, along with the soils, dry the item using a combination of air movement, heat, and low humidity.

SERVPRO provides a complete suite of services to help clients after a fire, in addition to cleaning soil and residue from surfaces. These services include:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage restoration and remediation
  • Water and fire damage cleanup

Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose in San Jose and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 834-7663.

What Can Put My Alum Rock Home in Need of Fire Damage Restoration Services?

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO owner, Mark Burke, sitting at a desk Mark Burke and his SERVPRO team is your one-stop-shop for all your fire damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Can Provide Fire Damage Restoration Services and Help You Understand How to Avoid Accidents

There are countless ways your home could incur fire damage at any given time. From cooking to smoking a cigarette, small everyday activities can cause significant problems. If a fire does happen, immediately getting help is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

When it comes to your home needing Alum Rock fire damage restoration services, professional help is always nearby. Here at SERVPRO, we can help you understand what happened and what you can do to help avoid future accidents. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the most common causes of fire inside of a residence include: 

  • Cooking 
  • Electric Malfunction 
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Heating Equipment
  • Smoking Materials 

The remediation process changes depending on what caused the fire, what burned, and what residues are left behind. Our highly talented technicians understand these differences and can use advanced technology to fight the damage to your property. Melted plastics require different removal techniques compared to ash from a wooden bookshelf. Furthermore, some damage is so significant that replacement may be the affordable option. Thankfully, we can help you understand your choices and help you make the best ones. 

The remediation process for a fire inside of someone's kitchen could look like this:

  • Cleaning up debris, ash, and fire suppressant materials 
  • Removing burnt cupboards and taking the countertop away to be cleaned
  • Cleaning behind hard-to-reach places, such as the refrigerator, stove, and stove hood
  • Checking your ducts to ensure smoke has not left behind soot and malodors 
  • Setting up restoration equipment and finishing the remediation process

If your home requires fire damage restoration, never wait. Speak with SERVPRO of NE San Jose by calling (408) 834-7663. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Fire Damage Mitigation Services Near Me in San Jose?

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

Cord burning at outlet No matter how the fire starts, damage will occur. SERVPRO has the resources restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Provide Fast, Effective, and Expert San Jose Fire Damage Mitigation Services! 

Given that fires can happen in any home quite spontaneously, you must know where to get help if one breaks out. Furthermore, you must know when to get help. Fortunately, if you do the first step, we here at SERVPRO can do the rest. 

When you need San Jose fire damage mitigation services, do not wait. That is the first and only step that matters when it comes to your job in the restoration process. The faster professionals can get on the scene, the better it is for your home. 

Fire is all about temperature. The hotter something burns, the hotter it should be during fire damage restoration. For example, as plastics are exposed to extreme heat, they yellow as they cool down. Treating them before they can cool can correct this issue. 

Imagine a fire happening inside of your home. You love candles, so you light one to help bring fresh fragrance into your home. However, as it burns to the bottom, the glass becomes very hot and breaks due to the strain. Hot wax bubbles out, and the flame spreads to nearby papers- the rest is history. 

SERVPRO can bring advanced technology to your home, such as thermal foggers and specific cleaning formulas for difficult soot stains. Furthermore, if you call as soon as possible, we have the chance to minimize damages inside of your home. Our goal is always to get your home feeling "Like it never even happened." 

Call for fire damage mitigation help today! Dial (408) 834-7663 to Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose. We want to help you!

What Precautions Help When Dealing With Electronics During Fire Restoration of San Jose Homes?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

homeowner fried from electrical calling SERVPRO When an electrical fire burns your home don't be discouraged. SERVPRO fire damage restoration services have you covered from start to finish.

SERVPRO is Mindful of Preexisting Damages and Post-Damage Usage of Electronics during Fire Restoration

Fire can damage electrical appliances slightly or extensively by soiling them with soot and other residues. For the salvageable ones, restoration normally takes wet cleaning the surfaces and polishing. However, precautions are necessary when completing these tasks in your San Jose home to ensure the best outcomes.

At the minimum, the electronic items should still work after fire restoration at your San Jose is over. The best outcome would be restoring preloss conditions, including maintaining the highly polished surfaces that most electronic appliances have. Our SERVPRO technicians evaluate the type of soiling, material, and even the item's function to determine the best course for the restoration.

Appropriate handling of appliances helps improve the outcome of:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • House fire clean up

Before starting the restoration processes, SERVPRO technicians confirm whether continued use is necessary, thus expediting the processes. For instance, your refrigerators and freezers may develop issues if they remain powered off over extended durations. If the soiling is minor and the appliances contain food, our technicians expedite the restoration of power. 

For all electronics, various tips are useful in improving restoration outcomes, including:

Our SERVPRO technicians also perform some disassembly, such as removing knobs and check vent hoods and any hidden crevices or recessed parts.

SERVPRO of NE San Jose takes appropriate steps to manage any fire restoration tasks resolving any issue, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (408) 834-7663.

Fire Damage and Smoke Remediation Assistance in San Jose

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged house with soot and debris everywhere Affected by a recent fire? Team SERVPRO can help with BOTH the certified technicians and the right equipment to tackle the job. Call us right away!

Handling Fire Damage Means Addressing Smoke Odors – Call SERVPRO to Your San Jose Property!

Addressing tough odors present after fire damage within your San Jose home can be difficult, at best. When you hire SERVPRO to handle fire restoration, we implement scientific principles to safely and effectively attack odor particles. Following the clean up of charred debris and unsalvageable materials, we tailor a cleaning and deodorizing plan to your exact needs.

Handling fire damage in San Jose goes beyond clean-up and controlled demolition. Fire damaged homes are susceptible to microscopic odor-causing particles that leave a constant reminder of the fire event. Small particles mean they can easily penetrate porous surfaces, which calls for specialized smoke remediation.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Eliminate Smoke Damage

There are essential factors to consider when it comes to smoke penetration. Some of the things that our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) look for include:

  • Residue Levels – When residue is heavier in some zones within your home, the more surface materials it impacts, sometimes making it harder to neutralize.
  • Surface Porosity – Different porous materials are more likely to take on odor particles than non-porous materials.
  • Temperature – The hotter the fire burned, the deeper the odor penetration often is. Porous surfaces expand when subjected to heat, allowing particles to enter.
  • Exposure Time – The longer your contents and surfaces get exposed to soot and smoke residue, the more bonded they become. 

The SERVPRO IICRC-certified team has proven methods that allow us to carefully clean contents and surface areas. Depending on the soot and other factors listed above, we may implement wet or dry cleaning methods. For any materials deemed unsalvageable, we will perform controlled demolition to make your interior “Like it never even happened.”

Contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose by calling (408) 834-7663, and we can send our Green Fleet out for a fire damage assessment.

Can SERVPRO Help with Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in San Jose?

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher behind fire background An extinguisher can only put out a fire. SERVPRO will have your home back to preloss condition after fire restoration services.

SERVPRO Provides Water & Fire Damage Restoration Service in San Jose

A fire in your home in San Jose creates fire damage in the immediate area of the fire and also produces smoke residues that travel to every area of your home, leaving smoke odors that must be removed. Fire and smoke damage restoration means removing the damaged materials and also the smoke residues produced from the fire. Variables such as heat, oxygen, moisture, gases, various materials burned create a requirement for multiple cleaning methods to remove all smoke residues.

SERVPRO fire technicians have the knowledge and experience to assist with fire and smoke restoration in San Jose homes, regardless of the type of fire and the materials consumed in the fire. After we assess the damage caused by the fire to your home and the materials burned, we can begin removing damaged items and cleaning.

We use different cleaning methods and materials to clean smoke residues and odors caused by various food items, wood, glues, plastics, natural fibers, and more. The amount of agitation, dwell time, and cleaning materials also depend on surface types, porous and non-porous.

SERVPRO can help your recover from a fire, “Like it never even happened.” Call us for help with:

  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Smoke Remediation
  • House Fire Clean Up

Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose for fire and smoke damage in San Jose and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 834-7663.

What To Do With Debris After San Jose Fire Damage?

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Room with fire damage The situation can feel quite overwhelming when your home is affected by fire damage. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

SERVPRO Assists With Fire Damage Cleanup in San Jose

The scene of devastation after a small fire can be overwhelming. You might find yourself wondering where you should start with a house fire cleanup in San Jose. Debris from fire damage might be a particular concern, especially after a more significant fire and smoke damaging event.

If you are dealing with fire damage in your San Jose home, it is best to call SERVPRO as soon as possible. You may notice debris such as wood, glass, metal, roof tiles, or pieces of furniture lying around your home. We recommend you do not attempt to move them. Debris can pose a trip and fall hazard, glass can cut people, or there might even be contamination from firefighting chemicals.

SERVPRO techs deal with debris by:

  • Taking any photographs that you might need for insurance purposes.
  • Identifying potentially hazardous debris and removing it safely.
  • Clearing the work area and putting up signs and tape to identify no-go spots.

Our team will keep you updated at all times so you never have to worry about what will happen next or where in your home you can go.

For a safety-conscious fire damage repair service, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Looking for a Way to Give Back to the San Jose Community?

1/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO crew Our SERVPRO team is ready at a moments notice. Call us right away following a fire in your home.

Partner with Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen to Serve Your San Jose Neighbors a Hearty and Nutritious Meal During January 2021 

Nothing brings a smile more quickly than being part of a solution. San Jose residents, both adults, and children, experience food insecurity.  Help them find a welcoming ambiance and delicious food at Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen.

  • Volunteer Expectations?
  • Prep the food
  • Serve our guests
  • Assist with clean up

  • Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen Volunteer hours are:
    • 2:30 to 4:30 pm
    • Monday through Friday only
    • Dates are available after January 18, 2021.
  • Volunteer age restriction is ten years and older -- make it a family event!

Check for complete details on Eventbrite San Jose

  • Search for Meal-Serving Volunteer Opportunity @ Goodwill Site 
  • Select a date to volunteer.

Much like you want to stop a child or family from going hungry through your volunteer work, the fire mitigation team from SERVPRO of NE San Jose aims to halt the harm of a household blaze. Call (408) 834-7663 to see how we can help in your time of need.

Travel to the City Center from Alum Rock for a Delicious and Festive Brunch on January 17, 2020

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Enjoy a nice brunch while SERVPRO takes care of your fire repair needs.

Grab a Seating at San Pedro Square Market Sunday Mimosa Brunch to Set the Tone for the Rest of Your Alum Rock Weekend

Enjoy an elegant and mouth-watering brunch once a month at a lovely downtown San Jose venue, just minutes from Alum Rock. Choose from among luscious entrees and delightful patisserie. Accompanied by coffee, tea, or soda, it’s hard to ask for more. But do not skimp on the bottomless mimosas!

  • Next Available Date: January 17, 2021

Seatings 10:00am, 11:30am or 1:00pm

  • Location: Three Sisters

170 West Saint John Street

San Jose, CA 95110

  • Reserve your seating through Eventbrite

Relieve your stress by engaging SERVPRO of NE San Jose for fire restoration services. Although it is not precisely as relaxing as a luxurious mimosa brunch, feel the weight of worry lift from your shoulders when we answer your call to (408) 834-7663 and pledge that help is on the way.

Join Other Residents of San Jose for A Trade Show

11/17/2020 (Permalink)

Vegetables piled up on a table in baskets. SERVPRO of NE San Jose loves fresh produce, and going out and supporting the locals.

San Jose Residents Can Get Deals on Fresh Farm Supplies at the Downtown Farmers Market

With the pandemic scare worldwide, it has been a challenge to get fresh veggies and fruits. Thankfully, the residents of San Jose and its surroundings now have an opportunity to grab fresh supplies from the Downtown Farmers Market. The trade show takes place on 20th of November from 10 AM to 11 AM for people with health issues and seniors. All other shoppers are welcome from 11 AM to 2 PM. The attendees can expect good deals on products such as:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Pre-packaged foods
  • Hot food from different ethnic cultures

For the remaining season, the artisan vendors can continue to sell products at the market. Farmer's Markets are essential, especially during this COVID-19 period. San Jose Downtown Association encourages all in attendance to wear masks to help fight the pandemic.

SERVPRO of NE San Jose is welcoming you to the trade show at Downtown Farmers Market. If you need fire debris removal in your San Jose home after a fire, call our fire remediation experts at (408) 834-7663 for efficient restoration, “Like it never even happened.” 

Why Do Soot and Smoke Residues Cling to Surfaces in your San Jose home?

9/26/2020 (Permalink)

burned-out chair in a fire close-up on a black background If you are unsure of how to restore your home following a house fire. Contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Fire Damage Can Lead to Odor and Soiling in your San Jose home. SERVPRO has Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FRST) to Return your Home to its Pre-loss Content.

Does fire produce different types of smoke?
A housefire in your San Jose home can produce different types of soot or residues in the property. The kind of deposition can be influenced by many factors, including the contents of the materials that burn. For example, a kitchen fire is likely to produce protein-based soot deposits due to the burning of animal fats. These protein deposits differ significantly to wood-based soots and require a different method to clean. Understanding the different types of smoke deposits in your home is vital to cleaning them and ensuring that further damage is avoided; introducing water to some smoke residues can lead them to bleed, spread, or bond with surfaces. SERVPRO technicians are trained to recognize the different types of smoke and how best to clean them.

What are the different types of smoke residue?
- Dry smoke residues usually produced by natural materials
- Protein residues from animal fats
- Wet smoke which can occur with the burning of synthetic materials
- Fuel oil smoke residues, which commonly occur with furnace puff back

Are some smoke residues easier to clean than others?
The cleaning methods for fire damage in your San Jose home can change from residue to residue. Generally speaking, dry smoke residues require less cleaning effort, aggression, and planning than other smoke residue types. Dry rarely smokes bond with surfaces, except in high-pressure fires, and can therefore be removed with sponges or light-vacuuming. Introducing water to dry smoke can cause further harm. Wet smokes are typically tougher to clean because they contain more aerosols like varnish, solvent, fuel oil, among other liquid parts. These residues require extensive pre-testing and often using oil-based solvents to suspend and remove them from surfaces.

What influences whether smoke is wet or dry?
- The speed that materials burn
- How much oxygen is present during the fire
- The composition of the combusting material

If you are unsure of how to restore your home following a house fire. Contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Proper Fire Extinguisher Usage

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Fire Extinguisher Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep!

Nobody EXPECTS to experience a fire in their home; therefore, most don't take the time to learn to use it properly.  A fire can burn out of control in moments. In a situation where every second counts...

Follow These Four Steps

Pull. A pin is normally located on the top of the device. Just pull the pin out to make the unit operational.

Aim. A hose usually protrudes from the fire extinguisher. Take the hose and aim the end of it with a nozzle at the fire. Aim low at the base of the fire for best results.

Squeeze. Squeeze the handle to release the fire fighting agent. This should result in a forceful flow of foam or some other material out of the hose.

Sweep. Move the hose and nozzle along the base of the fire in a controlled sweeping motion. Do this until the fire is completely out or the device runs out of fluid. Keep a close watch on the extinguished fire for a few hours to make sure it does not revive.In the case of a kitchen fire, you will need to be careful of what type of fire extinguisher or method you use. A grease or oil fire should be controlled by smothering it with a heavy metal pot lid or by pouring large quantities of baking soda on the fire.

To minimize fire damage, it's a good idea to call in a professional fire mitigation company. Trained technicians can arrive Faster to Any Size Disaster and begin the fire restoration process. They will treat water damage as well as work on removing the impacts of soot and smoke with a professional fire cleanup.

Tips for Dealing with Fire Damage in Your San Jose Commercial Property

5/10/2016 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage

After the Fire: Tips for Dealing with Fire Damage in Your Commercial Property  

San Jose commercial fire and smoke damage can cause severe destruction to the structure of the building. Because this loss is so overwhelming, it can also be mentally traumatic in its after effects. Restoring your property to its previous condition may seem like an impossible feat to tackle. However, with a fire restoration company such as SERVPRO, their knowledge and experience can help get your building looking its best.

Fire and smoke damage can be caused by a number of reasons. One of the most prominent forms of San Jose commercial fire damage begins with a strike of lightening. This electrifying bolt can hit a building during a storm and set it ablaze. Faulty electrical wiring is another cause of commercial damage that can wreak havoc with a property. However, it usually happens in older buildings where the materials have seen significant wear and tear. Since people can forget to turn off an electric appliance, human error is also high on the list as a common factor in fires. The damage caused by smoke and fire damage can lead to significant loss and disrepair. That’s why it’s critical to find a trusted restoration company such as SERVPRO. From immediately after the fire through the recovery process, you’ll feel comforted knowing that they’ll work diligently to clean and restore your property to its pre-fire state.

Your One-Stop Shop for Smoke and Fire Restoration
We recognize the physical and emotional stress that comes with San Jose commercial fire damage. Our team of experts empathizes with the property owners who are in the midst of a crisis, and we will guide you every step of the way. From structural repairs and content restoration to soot cleaning and odor control, you can count on our services. We also have a host of licensed contractors who will be able to aid you in the fire damage restoration process.

We are one of the leading fire damage restoration facilities in the Unites States, and we take pride in our work. We respond to a variety of disasters that include:
    •    Portable space heaters
    •    Arson
    •    Cooking
    •    Electrical issues such as exposed wiring, blow fuses, and electrical shorts
    •    Lightning Strikes
    •    Candles, cigarettes, and matches

SERVPRO has a restore versus replace mentality that is highly respected, and we come with over 48 years of experience. Since we have a thorough understanding how the contents of your business react to fire, smoke and heat, we’ll be able to set it right with as little disruption and inconvenience as possible. Our expertise also secures your property from any further commercial fire damage.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of San Jose is close by and ready to respond to your smoke or fire damage emergency. We are proud to be an active member of the San Jose community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be. 

We are here in San Jose and are ready to help you. Just call us. (408) 834-7663


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