What our Customers say...


My retail store was flooded from water from the burst pipe. SERVPRO came to the rescue and fixed the pipe leak and all the standing water. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to the job.

The whole shopping center was flooded from the storm. SERVPRO wasn’t kidding when they say no job is too big. Your technicians came in with the equipment and went straight to work. I was extremely happy with the outcome of everything.

I was doing some work in the basement when I hit a water line. I had big issues that I couldn’t handle. So I did what my father said and called SERVPRO. Your team of technicians were on point with the work.

The grease fire in the kitchen could not be contained. The damage was more than I could of imagined. The technicians were here fast and they did their job really well. The equipment was top notch.

Experience and equipment were needed for my home. The storm caused way to much damage for me to repair. I’m glad I didn’t try because I would’ve never gotten it done. The technicians were a working cog all in unison.

Wow what an experience I had with that flood. It was over whelming for me. My father told me about SERVPRO. I called and it was the best decision I could of made.

Mold was becoming an issue after the water damage. I had no idea on how to handle the situation. A friend of mine told me about your company. I was very relieved with the outcome of the situation.

We had company over and the fire started out of nowhere. I had to find help fast. SERVPRO was at my home within hours and started right away. I didn’t know how to get my home back to normal. I’m glad for the help I received.

I had such a great experience with SERVPRO. They were on top of my needs to get my situation resolved. The soot damage was way out of control and their technicians came and worked their magic. Thank you so very much for your help.

When I woke up in the morning I found my kitchen flooded out from the storm. Water was everywhere and I had no time to get it out. I called SERVPRO and their technicians got right here right away. Thanks.

My kids were playing in the bathroom and decided to break the toilet and not tell anyone. I had to call someone for help. My sister told me about SERVPRO and the services they provide. I was very satisfied with the work done.

The fire in the kitchen of the store spread really fast and caused a lot of smoke damage. SERVPRO with their experience technicians and equipment fixed all of the smoke damage. I couldn’t even tell the difference.

The neighbors tree limb fell into my bathroom from the storm. SERVPRO was called and their technicians were at my home within hours. My property was saved because of the work of  your SERVPRO technicians.

The fire damage from the electrical outlet was extreme. I had to call for help. The soot and smoke damage was everywhere. Your technicians knew what they were doing and did the job great. It was faster than I expected.

SERVPRO technicians are on top of it! Fast acting and awesome service! They are very professional and they know their stuff. From equipment to restoration services. I wouldn’t call any other company for the job.

A leak sprung under the sink in the spare bedroom. Im no handy man. Water was everywhere. I called the professionals of SERVPRO and they handled the job with ease. By the time you were done I couldn’t tell the difference.

Thank you for your help through such a horrifying experience. We really felt like all was lost. We certainly didn’t have the know how or courage to handle the flooded area. We called in the professionals for the job. What a great choice that was! Thanks again.

Water was everywhere from the flood. The storm hit hard and fast. I needed help fast. SERVPRO was here within hours and got right to work. Thanks for the fast help and great job.

The smoke from the fire in the kitchen caused havoc. The ceiling and walls were totaled. SERVPRO handle the job from start to finish. I was very happy with the service provided. And at the end I couldn’t even tell I had a fire.

The storm was incredible and the damage it caused. My home was a mess, so much mud! I had no ideas where to begin. I called SERVPRO for the help I needed. The job was done great and fast.

From the bathroom to the front office water was everywhere. The carpets and drywall had to be replaced. Mold was going to be an issue if I hadn’t called SERVPRO for their help. I was very happy with the work and kindness of your technicians.

We had a water line burst in the ground that ended up into our home. A friend of ours said call SERVPRO because the service was more than expected. She was right. Thanks

This is the only company you should work with if you have a fire in your home or any other kind of property damage.  Their technicians were very kind and helpful when it came to my property. I would highly recommend them.

The socket in the living room caught the house on fire. Soot damage was everywhere. I didn’t have a clue on what to do. I called SERVPRO for the professionals and their equipment. The technicians were nice and productive.

It was a mess after the storm. Flood damage was everywhere and I didn’t have the time to fix the problem. I called SERVPRO and their technicians were at my home in no time at all. The service was great and job done well.

Sewage was coming out of the drain in the kitchen from the storm. I had to shut down my business. I called SERVPRO immediately for their services. Their technicians were on site faster than I expected and got the job done right and fast.

My fire sprinkler spontaneously combusted. Within minutes water had entirely soaked the entire first floor of my house. The folks at SERVPRO of NE San Jose were so nice. They truly made me feel like my life wasn't over. They restored the entire first floor of my house to its original condition and managed to save most of my property. I'd highly recommend them to anyone having a disaster!

My company’s large server room AC units water pump went out. Water was everywhere, the walls, floor, under the flooring. Everything in the room and the room adjacent had to be removed. I can’t say I’ve ever seen such a fast, efficient crew. Every one from their staff was courteous and polite. They helped me through the whole process with my insurance company and even recommended a great general contractor for our repairs needed.

I put off cleaning up a slow leak under my kitchen sink for years.  I called my local SERVPRO due to the smell.  They were prompt, professional and removed all of the mold and fixed the smell in no time.  They were great!

My roommate started a fire in my house. The smoke and soot got into everything.  The team over at SERVPRO of NE San Jose boxed up, cleaned and stored all of my belongings until the house project was complete.  They were the best!  Then they put everything back like it was before the fire.  Thanks guys!