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8/8/2023 (Permalink)

"SERVPRO" is a franchise company that specializes in disaster restoration and cleaning services. The name "SERVPRO" stands for "ServiceMaster Professionals." The company was founded in 1967 in Sacramento, California, and has since grown to become one of the largest and most recognizable restoration and cleaning service providers in the United States and Canada.

SERVPRO offers a wide range of services, including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, storm damage restoration, cleaning services, and more. They are often called upon to help homeowners and businesses recover after emergencies such as floods, fires, storms, and other disasters.

There are several reasons why individuals and businesses might choose SERVPRO for their restoration and cleaning needs:

  1. Expertise: SERVPRO franchises are staffed by trained professionals who are skilled in handling various types of restoration and cleaning tasks. They have the knowledge and experience to address a wide range of situations.

  2. Fast Response: SERVPRO is known for its quick response times. When disaster strikes, immediate action is often necessary to minimize damage, and SERVPRO aims to be on-site as soon as possible.

  3. Resources and Equipment: SERVPRO franchises have access to specialized equipment and technology that can aid in the restoration process. This includes equipment for water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and more.

  4. Insurance Coordination: Dealing with insurance companies can be complex after a disaster. SERVPRO franchises often assist clients in navigating the insurance claims process, making it more streamlined and less stressful.

  5. Customized Solutions: Every disaster is unique, and SERVPRO franchises tailor their services to the specific needs of each situation. This personalized approach helps ensure that the restoration process is efficient and effective.

  6. Trusted Brand: SERVPRO has built a strong reputation over the years for providing reliable and professional restoration and cleaning services. This reputation can provide peace of mind to clients during stressful times.

  7. Franchise Network: With over 1,800 individually owned and operated franchises across North America, SERVPRO has a widespread network that allows them to respond to disasters in various locations.


Attic Mold Removal and Remediation in San Jose Homes

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Mold removal for your home is a job for SERVPRO. Our technicians have the training and experience needed for your property.

Challenges of Confined Space Mold Removal

From severe weather to leaking air conditioning units stored in the attic space, a property's upper level can experience water damage and subsequent mold growth without your knowledge. When you suspect mold is present in your home, you can count on the fast and knowledgeable response of our SERVPRO professionals.

Assessing the Severity of Infestation

The earliest aspect of mold removal for San Jose homes, especially in the attic, is removing moisture and dampness. Water in the environment or moist surfaces is a stimulant to mold colonization. With water damage resolved, we can then assess the condition of the property and the appropriate remediation response based on the severity of the present organisms.

Confined Space Equipment

The added challenges of removing mold from an attic are mostly attributed to the smaller available space. While some homes have more extensive attics that mimic an additional floor or finished areas, many attics are only half the height of traditional living spaces, making restoration and remediation more complicated. It is pertinent to work as fast as possible to regulate the moisture and dampness of the room while addressing mold colonies. Tools used in this confined area include:

  • Low-profile air movers
  • HEPA air scrubbers
  • Hosing from desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Portable sporicidal agents

Repairs Necessary in the Attic

Because we also have a general contractor license for our roster to complete many of the build-back needs your property might have, there is no delay in transitioning from remediation to reconstruction. Long contact times with mold colonies can compromise organic building materials like roof underlayment, wood framing, trusses, and more. We assess these damages and provide demolition and replacement as needed.

It can be challenging to remove when mold is present in areas like the attic. Not only is this a confined space in many of the city's properties, but it can allow the spread of these organisms into the main living space when the infestation gets out of control. SERVPRO of NE San Jose can help. Give our remediators a call today at (408) 834-7663.

Non-Invasive Mold Remediation for San Jose Properties

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

servpro cap on ladder The SERVPRO AMRT team is what you need for mold remediation in San Jose, "Like it never even happened."

Early Mold Remediation Reduces Tear-Out

Mold damage develops over days in a moist environment, creating a threatening situation for hosting materials and contents. The rapid response of SERVPRO remediators limits invasive methods when possible.

What is Used to Eliminate Mold?

Sporicidal agents are an important element of mold remediation for San Jose properties. When applied to surfaces impacted by infestations, these chemicals can destroy bacterial and fungal spores over a designated contact period. This has proven effective against common residential molds in the earliest stages of development.

How Long Can the Process Take?

Much of the contact time involved with removing surface mold with sporicidal agents relates to the concentration and severity of colonization. While the elimination of spores and the active organism can begin immediately, the full eradication of the colony could sometimes take hours. Agents also work as mold inhibitors preventing new colonization during cleanup and drying.

Agitation and Mechanical Action

Amplifying the effects of surface cleaning products typically involves abrasive motion. Using hand tools and small powered equipment, we can allow sporicidal products to penetrate beyond the surface to eradicate infestations and protect this hosting material. Mechanical actions like these often involve:

  • Brushing
  • Sanding
  • Scrubbing

Is This the Only Remediation Process Needed?

While surface cleaning can be highly effective in the right circumstances, it is often not the only mold removal technique necessary for residences. When more aggressive and abrasive measures might be needed to penetrate more deeply than the surface products, SERVPRO professionals look to equipment like dry ice and soda blasting units.

Surface cleaning is among the preferred methods of remediating active mold colonies but is far from the only solution needed when this damage overtakes your residence. Our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team works fast to contain the organisms and remove colonies. Call our rapid response team anytime at (408) 834-7663.

Mold Remediation for Drywall in Alum Rock Homes

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a corner that is filled with mold growing on the baseboards and walls Dealing with mold in your home can be like playing whack a mole. Bring in team SERVPRO right away to remediate the situation and prevent recurrences.

Remediating Means Choosing Cost-Effective Solutions for Alum Rock Properties

Mold can become a catastrophic event for homes and businesses alike. The remediation and recovery of these disasters incorporate dozens of practices, from indoor air quality improvement to eliminating active, threatening mold and fungal spores in the environment. It is vital to complete this mold removal as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

What Makes Drywall a Sensitive Material?

The drywall is among the main materials in need of mold remediation in Alum Rock homes after exposure. Organic gypsum board has a high porosity, making it ideal for migrating mold spores to move beyond surface formations to begin colonies that impact the structural integrity of the installation. Similarly, drywall can be greatly influenced by water being so highly absorbent, so the surface is a magnet for mold spores seeking specific conditions to facilitate colonies.

Deterioration and Damage

Drywall can quickly become ruined by the presence of mold. As colonies continue to use organic matter as a food source, the sheetrock becomes less and less likely to be protected and saved through later remediation methods. It is up to our SERVPRO team responding to the emergency to evaluate the salvageability of the material.

The Cost of Drying and Remediation

Much like water restoration, remediation methods require dozens of pressing questions to be answered regarding how to proceed with sensitive materials. Our SERVPRO professionals need to choose the most cost-efficient and overall least-invasive recovery methods whenever possible. We consider the wishes of the customer as we seek to answer four critical, time-sensitive questions:

  • Is the drywall worth preserving?
  • Is it cost-effective to dry and remediate?
  • Is replacement faster?
  • How can mold be prevented?

Mold remediation is a combination of effective services and cleaning techniques to protect exposed materials and contents in your home. Our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team can help when building elements like the drywall become hosting materials for contents. Give our response team a call today at (408) 834-7663.

How Is Mold Removed from Humid San Jose Attic Spaces?

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

inside view of attic Inspect your attic often for signs of moisture and mold.

Your San Jose Home Requires Mold Remediation When Colonies Form in Humid and Moist Environments Like the Attic

With the threats of severe weather and the degradation of aging roofs over time, it is not uncommon for homes to deal with moisture penetration into this upper confined space of the property. Removing mold from this area can be  challenge requiring multiple steps and stages.

Discovering Mold Damage in Unused Attic Spaces

You might not initially notice the need for mold remediation in San Jose homes. When the attic is unused space, secondary signals and effects are necessary before homeowners realize colonization is a problem. By the time colonies migrate to lower living spaces, the issue has become substantial. Some signs that mold damage exists include:

  • Physical spotting
  • Harsh odors
  • Damp areas of building materials

Removing Mold Damage from Trusses and Roof Materials

Identifying where mold is growing can be challenging with confined spaces, so we carefully evaluate the full spectrum of mold exposure when entering the attic. This process involves determining the extent of active colonization and at-risk surfaces that have not yet shown signs of mold development. Trusses and roof materials make suitable hosts for colonies, so these are priorities for cleaning and restoring the house.

Repairing the Cause of Moisture Damage

Before any mold remediation job completes, we must consider the repairs necessary. Moisture penetration through structural elements like the roof must be reconstructed to prevent recurrences. Missing shingles, for example, allow for water runoff and torrential rainfall to penetrate the plywood and underlayment materials to create a moist attic environment.

Humidity and moisture damage create ideal environments for mold and microbial growth. The substantial impact of these organisms on building materials and contents throughout your home shows the advantage of fast mold remediation from our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team. We are always ready to help 24/7 when mold growth occurs. Call now at (408) 834-7663.

Need Fire Damage Clean Up & Restoration in San Jose – Call SERVPRO

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

heavy smoke and soot damage on wall After a fire, smoke and soot abound. SERVPRO is trained and equipped to restore your home.

SERVPRO Removes All Smoke Residues and Odors After a Fire in San Jose

In addition to causing fire damage to a building in San Jose, various residues are often found on all surfaces and contents in the home or commercial building after even small fires. Controlled demolition processes can remove the structure and contents charred by the fire. However, many residents are concerned about the residues and odors found throughout the building.

SERVPRO provides fire damage cleanup, restoration, and smoke residue removal for homes and commercial buildings in the San Jose Area. After the fire department has gone, homeowners are left with a mess. There may be charred structures, water, and chemicals in the immediate area of the fire and smoke residues permeate the building, including rooms untouched by the fire. A combination of hot air currents from burning material and HVAC systems carry these residues to remote building areas.

Residents can be confident that our fire technicians will examine every area of your home, check for residues, the type of residue, and determine the proper cleaning process to use for each kind of residue and the surface they are on. We clean non-porous surfaces with either vacuums or fluids to capture the particles. Grease fires on the stove produce an oily residue. We use cleaning fluids to dissolve the residue as we clean surfaces. Hot non-greasy fires have fluffy residue, which can be vacuumed or cleaned with damp clothes.

SERVPRO utilizes the appropriate cleaning processes to clean your home, remove odors and restore your home to its original condition. Our services include:

Call SERVPRO of NE San Jose in San Jose and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 834-7663.

Why Hire Skilled Mold Remediation? Can a San Jose Homeowner Perform DIY Cleanup?

12/13/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls in the corner of a room Finding a mold infestation in your home is a situation that needs to be dealt with right away. Contact team SERVPRO 24/7 for remediation services.

San Jose Property Owners Will Get Trusted, Safe Mold Remediation When Calling SERVPRO!

There are countless myths people believe when it comes to mildew and black mold. The truth is that many events may lead to spore colonization at any time, in any building. When owning a house, homeowners need to know that they can keep their family and pets safe from potential harm. Mold can cause health effects, so you need to act quickly. SERVPRO is available to come out to your San Jose property when you need us to begin the meticulous cleaning process to get your home back to normal.

Did you know that microscopic mold spores are everywhere? This means these tiny spores are outside, indoors, on your clothing, and in the air, you breathe. Why call SERVPRO when it is time for mold remediation in San Jose? Because we have the knowledge and techniques to get the results you deserve.

Given the right conditions, even a tiny amount of mold can grow into a significant problem. All it takes is a damp environment, the right temperature, and organic materials for mold to feed on. SERVPRO’s mold specialists can come to your property and work on clearing mold safely, including eliminating foul, musty odors. When it comes to bathroom mold remediation or issues in other areas of your home, these are some things to keep in mind:

  • There are hundreds - actually thousands of kinds of mold
  • Spores are everywhere, including all surfaces, carpeting, clothing, etc.
  • Mold often thrives in temps ranging from 64 to 90° F
  • Spores thrive and colonize quickly around excessive moisture and organic food sources
  • SERVPRO uses dehumidifiers, HEPA filtration air scrubbers, and potent antimicrobials to get the job done

Why contact the SERVPRO of NE San Jose team for mold remediation? Because we always make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (408) 834-7663, and we can send someone out to begin the assessment.

Can Mold Removal Companies Mitigate Mold Damage in San Jose Homes Safely?

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall and ceiling It didn’t take long for this mold to grow and multiply. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mold. We are equipped and trained for safe mold remediation.

SERVPRO Uses Several Approaches to Protect the Restoration Team as Well as House Occupants

For most people, noticing mold within a property trigger worries because of its detrimental effects on organic materials. Mold can also cause health effects. However, it is possible to address mold at your San Jose property harmlessly by taking various precautions.

You can quickly achieve the desired safety milestones by involving mold removal companies when your San Jose property is infested. For instance, SERVPRO can help you avoid spreading the mold colonies from the areas initially affected to the rest of the structure. Our technicians also take steps to limit any risky contact with mold debris.

Some Standard Safety Measures Include:

  • Using the right PPE
  • Full assessment to ensure comprehensive remediation
  • Setting up containment barriers 

The people handling the mitigation process are directly exposed to mold debris, especially when surfaces are disturbed during cleaning. Using personal protective equipment safeguards against exposure through inhalation or contact through skin or sensitive areas such as the eyes. SERVPRO teams are already equipped with the right PPE, so you do not have to worry about sourcing or selecting the right variety.

The Amount of PPE Needed Varies Depending on the Level and Location of Mold Contamination

  • An N95 respirator is necessary for small, contaminated spaces
  • Full or half-mask respirators with cartridges for significant contaminations
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Full bodysuits

Apart from protecting the workers, the occupants who may visit the property during or after remediation need protection from potentially harmful moldy residues. Establishing containment measures before starting remediation is the best way to prevent such exposure. Our SERVPROSERVPRPO teams set up containment barriers using plastic sheets and retractable poles. We also establish negative air pressure in the contained area.

SERVPRO of NE San Jose is one of the mold removal companies that can safely conduct mitigation at your property. Call us at (408) 834-7663. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Crucial Are Safety Precautions When Performing Mold Remediation Processes in San Jose?

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech stacking fans Mold will spread like wildfire within 24 to 48 hours. Our IICRC certified techs are trained and experienced in all phases of mold remediation.

SERVPRO Works to Limit Exposure to Occupants and Spread of Debris during Mold Removal 

Performing mold remediation successfully takes various things, including safety procedures to protect the structure and occupants. Uncontrolled removal can lead to challenges since mold can cause health effects or spread the problem further than the areas originally affected.

Bacteria and fungi fall within the biohazards category, which includes hazardous materials and microscopic ones that are difficult to notice visually. Safety during mold remediation in your San Jose home mostly focuses on controlling the microscopic mold residues limiting chances of contact with skin or inhalation. Our SERVPRO technicians take precautions to protect themselves, the structure, and the residents during every step of the restoration process. 

Mold remediation takes several steps, including:

Our SERVPRO teams take a multifaceted approach to guarantee safety during the remediation process. For instance, a simple step such as informing the occupants of the potential risks of exposure to moldy materials poses ensures that they keep away where possible. 

Removing moldy materials involves the use of chemical agents and the agitation of surfaces. The two processes can leave suspended residues in the air, leaving people exposed after concluding the remediation. Our SERVPRO technicians set up containment barriers and use air filtration devices to help remove any suspended materials from the air. 

With assistance from SERVPRO of NE San Jose, it is possible to complete mold remediation without damaging the structure unnecessarily or exposing occupants to hazardous materials. Call us at (408) 834-7663. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Important is it to Call a Mold Removal Service for a Home in San Jose?

7/9/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in attic When SERVPRO remediates mold, we always check for hidden growth. Contact SERVPRO promptly for remediation and to help prevent additional mold.

Address Mold Presence in a San Jose Home as Soon as Possible

Mold specialists play an important role in assisting San Jose property owners with mold damage in their homes. A mold inspection and even your observations can point to the presence of mold and require professional help to restore your home. Mold removal must take place promptly to mitigate the health effects it poses.

For mold removal in San Jose, look no further than SERVPRO and our expert mold remediation crew. Our certified team tackles jobs of all sizes, including attic mold removal and black mold. Our job is to understand the ramifications of mold in your home and address them accordingly. When dealing with mold, one must remember that it floats and spreads easily and that careful containment is essential to a successful remediation process.

At SERVPRO, we achieve containment by erecting physical barriers to prevent cross-contamination and establishing negative pressure to prevent airborne spread. 

Following containment, we focus on mold removal from each surface in the home. Damp wiping, HEPA vacuuming, and cleaning solutions all play a pivotal role in restoring your home. Similarly, controlling excess humidity and its sources helps avoid a friendly environment for mold growth.

Environmental and internal conditions may contribute to mold growth in your home. Still, SERVPRO of NE San Jose is at your service for mold remediation and curtail factors that may invite a recurrence. Call us at (408) 834-7663 and let our competent staff leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

How Can Black Mold Get Removed from San Jose Homes?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

Mold with SERVPRO Logo Mold is no DIY project. Call the trained professionals of SERVPRO. They are IICRC certified technicians with the latest equipment available.

Professional Mold Remediation can Efficiently Remove Active Colonies from San Jose Properties. 

Black mold can be a challenging obstacle for homeowners to endure, especially when organisms spread quickly throughout the property. Organic materials can become hosts for migrating colonies, ultimately deteriorating to the point of requiring replacement. Our experienced remediators can help with direct mold removal and cleaning methods.

What Mold Remediation Practices Are Efficient in San Jose Homes? 

There is no set universal approach that works best when it comes to starting mold remediation in San Jose properties. The choices made for this necessary service are a product of mold inspections and careful evaluations of the condition of hosting materials. Our technicians will work to preserve the installed structural materials to prevent tear-out and controlled demolition when possible. Most of our remediation solutions include:

  • Sanding
  • Soda blasting
  • Abrasive surface cleaning
  • Antimicrobial products
  • Controlled demolition

Mold remediation is an immediate need when you discover active colonization in your home. Our experienced SERVPRO of NE San Jose mold removal professionals can help. Give us a call at (408) 834-7663.

Are Your Papers Salvageable During Water Removal in San Jose?

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Employee Call in the professionals for water removal, to avoid additional water loss in your property. Our SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Helps San Jose Residents With Water Clean Up

San Jose is a buzzing city right at the heart of Silicon Valley. The Spanish Empire claimed California in 1542. In 1776, King Carlos III sent an expedition to the area and settled on San Jose as an ideal settlement site (along with the San Francisco Bay Area.) San Jose was the first civilian settlement in California. It later became part of the First Mexican Empire before the Conquest of California won it for the United States.

During the Second World War, San Jose became a center of industry and manufacturing. By 1990 it had a greater population than San Francisco. These days San Jose is known for its position in Silicon Valley, its luxury housing, great amenities, and high-class living.

San Jose is Great for Sports Lovers

San Jose is not all about tech and manufacturing. The city also has a lively sports community. You can join with thousands of fellow cheering fans and watch a game or get out of doors and enjoy some leisure time of your own. Some popular sports venues in San Jose include:

  • Earthquakes Stadium is home to the Major Soccer League team, the San Jose Earthquakes. While you are enjoying a game, why not visit their outdoor bar for a beverage? It is the largest outdoor bar in North America!
  • Excite Ballpark is home to the Minor League Baseball team, the San Jose Giants, and the San Jose State University Spartans College Baseball team. The stadium includes a family fun zone and a BBQ joint.
  • The CEFCU Stadium is home to the San Jose State Spartans football team from San Jose State University. The stadium is the San Jose Earthquakes' former home and hosts high school football games and several music events throughout the year.

You can also visit the World of Sports Memorabilia, where you can choose from an exciting range of sports memorabilia. The owners can even frame your memorabilia for an unforgettable keepsake.

Get outdoors in San Jose

Ready to get active? San Jose is excellent for outdoor pursuits:

  • Raging Waters offers 23 acres of thrilling water slides and rides, plus a lazy river for when you want to relax in the sun without the thrills and spills.
  • Calabazas Park features an unmatched BMX track – the biggest in the Bay Area.
  • Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve offers miles of glorious walks through native oak forests and chaparral. You can spot diverse wildlife, including frogs, badgers, foxes, and salamanders.

Is it Possible to Save Paper Products During Water Restoration?

The damage to paper items is one of the most distressing parts of water damage. Photographs, books, letters, and important papers such as insurance documents can all suffer from being waterlogged.

However, do not despair. SERVPRO trains our technicians to handle documents, and in many cases, we can help by:

  • Freeze drying documents to prevent further harm.
  • Drying out papers with minimum damage.
  • Using gamma radiation to disinfect paper products.
  • Deodorizing to get rid of unpleasant odors.

We can even help you digitize your documents to keep them safe in the future.

For help restoring your papers and pictures, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Handling Hazards after Fire Damage in San Jose

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks in a warehouse Overwhelmed by fire damage? Contact team SERVPRO at (408) 834-7663 for remediation during this time.

SERVPRO fire damage teams are safety conscious

A home fire can feel devastating, and it is natural to want your home back “Like it never even happened,” as soon as possible.
If you need help after fire damage in your San Jose home, call SERVPRO. Our safety-conscious teams will clean up the soot, vacuum away water from fire hoses, and repair structural damage to your home.

Safety is a cornerstone of our process. Some possible hazards after fire damage include:

  • Electrical shock risks if wires are exposed, damaged, or in contact with water.
  • Damaged ceilings that are at risk of collapse.
  • Inadequate lighting makes it hard to see to do our jobs.
  • Slip and trip hazards from leftover debris such as nails, floorboards, or drywall.

We equip our teams with hard hats, steel toe boots, breathing apparatus, and other PPE to keep them safe during fire damage cleanup. Securing the site is our priority, and you can rely on us for safety advice as we proceed.

For safe fire damage cleanup you can trust, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Kids Can Get in The Festive Spirit at Kids Market Near San Jose

12/11/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team members standing in front of SERVPRO truck We are available and ready to restore your fire damage so that you can focus on the holidays.

Teach Little Ones the Joy of Shopping for Gifts for Loved Ones

For many people, part of the joy of the festive season is giving gifts to loved ones. Now you can teach your kids about budgeting and shopping for presents in a fun, immersive market designed just for children.  

  • A 30 – 40 minute festive market experience – parents and guardians not allowed in!
  • Selection of kid and budget-friendly gifts for purchase.
  • Each purchase includes a gift bag.
  • Regular puppet shows to keep kids entertained.
  • Every child gets a clipboard, shopping list, and pencil. 

Kids Market is located at Westfield Valley Fair and runs from 17 – 24 December. Entry is $5, and slots must be booked in advance. You agree to your allotted budget with your little one before entering the market, and you will not be charged more than the agreed upon budget.  

When you store your festive gifts, please be wary of fire hazards and do not keep them near open flames or against heaters. If you need assistance with fire cleanup and restoration, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Why is thorough Water Extraction Vital after a Leak or Flood?

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

A group of SERVPRO workers standing in front of a truck. Our SERVPRO team is standing by waiting to help with your San Jose water damage.

San Jose Residents need Water Extraction from Knowledgeable Professionals

Many San Jose residents recall the terrible floods of 2017. Storms and burst dams and rivers can wreak havoc on your home. On a less dramatic scale, burst pipes, plumbing leaks, and malfunctioning appliances can all deposit water in your home and leave you with a mess to clean up.

The first step of cleaning up after a flood or leak in your San Jose home is water extraction. Extraction is a critical step that makes a massive difference to the outcome of remediation. That is why it is vital to work with a company like SERVPRO of NE San Jose that understands the importance of thorough extraction.

Why is water extraction so necessary?

The eventual aim of water damage remediation is to leave your home dry and clean “Like it never even happened.” We may need to carry out structural repairs and clean and disinfect water-damaged personal belongings along the way. We might even need to sub-contract plumbers, decorators, or electricians in more severe cases. But before we can think about drying, we need to carry out extraction, which means removing all standing water from the floor of your property. Extraction is vital because:

  • It makes the drying process quicker and easier
  • It helps prevent mold growth – mold loves moisture, so we must get rid of all water after a flood
  • If done quickly, it can prevent carpet delamination (this depends on the severity and the type of water)
  • Removing water quickly can protect wooden floors from permanent damage

What is the extraction process?

Extraction starts with using pumps and vacs to remove all standing water from your home’s floors. After removing standing water, we use a variety of extraction tools to press excess water from carpets.

How do we decide which pump to use?

We equip our technicians with a range of pumps. Electrical submersible pumps are the best all-around pump. They operate quietly and come in various sizes and power levels, from small portable units to large truck-mounted assemblies. However, if the conditions are not right for an electric submersible, we will use a high-pressure or self-priming trash pump instead. The right choice depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Whether the water also contains solid matter - if it does, we need a self-priming trash pump
  • How much water we need to remove and how fast – for this, we must consider the flow rate and time requirement of each pump
  • The hose length we will need to reach the water
  • The vertical distance water must go to reach the pump – if this is more than 25 feet, we need a high-pressure pump

Why does carpet extraction matter, and how do we do it?

Carpets can quickly become water-logged. Once a carpet is wet, there is a risk of delamination (separation of secondary and primary backing). There is also the potential for mold growth – mold can cause health effects, and it can ruin your carpet. Wet carpets also increase the overall moisture of the room, which makes drying slower.

Thankfully SERVPRO technicians know how to extract water from the carpet. If extraction is too rough, it can cause further damage, which is why we train our technicians in the best extraction techniques. Extraction equipment includes:

  • Self-propelled extraction tools which use a small motor to run them over the surface of the carpet – they are designed to be “ridden” by technicians to provide extra weight
  • Stationary tools are available in a range of sizes – they rely on the weight of the remediation technician to press out water
  • Carpet wands for vacuuming water from glue-down carpets – we can also use these to remove surface water after using larger extraction tools

Extraction tools are attached to a pump, so the water gets pumped away as the device presses it from the carpet and pad.

What is hidden water and why does it matter?

Water can soak under carpets to the floor beneath or into building elements such as baseboards, plaster, drywall, and insulation. Hidden moisture can cause structural defects and provide a breeding ground for mold. It is essential to work with a water remediation company that understands the dangers of hidden water and monitors the area to find it. Our technicians use moisture probes and meters, thermal imaging, and thermo-hygrometers to monitor moisture and humidity and seek out hidden water.

How do you know SERVPRO is the best choice for extraction?

We train our technicians to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, so you can rest assured that they know the best extraction techniques. We are committed to swift action, so there is less risk of mold growth and structural damage. Plus, you can rely on our team to dry your home after extraction and deodorize it, so it is fresh.

For water extraction that works, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Can Dripping Water Stain Carpets?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

Stained carpet SERVPRO has the experienced technicians with the equipment and expertise your home needs after a water catastrophe. Give us a call right away.

Leaks in the Home Can Stain or Soil Carpets or Other Textiles. SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians Can Perform Expert Spot and Stain Removal in your San Jose Home.

How does water cause carpet stains?

A water leak traveling through your San Jose home floors can pick up bacteria, microbes, or other soils along the way. Typically, dripping water occurs beneath wet-rooms and is usually due to worn away sealant or tiling in the wet room. A leaky ceiling can create damp patches on carpets, becoming hotbeds for microbial bacteria or mold growth. When restoring a property, SERVPRO technicians can carry out spot and stain removal on affected materials like carpets. While the process of removing stains is more complicated than a regular cleaning, it is possible to carry out without harming the textile or carpet.

What are the types of damage to textiles?

- Soil which refers to a foreign substance on the textile

- Spot, which is when substances bond with fibers, for example, gum.

- Stains which can affect the color of the textile

Is discoloration a risk with spot and stain cleaning?

When performing water damage restoration in your San Jose, our goal is to return the property to a preloss condition. Cleaning a specific area can affect the uniformity of the textile all together. Typically, discoloration occurs when strong alkalines or bleaches are used in spot removal. SERVPRO technicians can pre-test chemicals on carpets to understand how coloration is affected. Often water-mark discoloration can be returned simply by cleaning the carpet thoroughly. This process can restore a uniform appearance to textiles that may be damaged by a water leak. 

What considerations should be made for spot removal?

- The type of stain, spot or soil

- Determining the type of fiber in the carpet

- Burn tests for carpets before introducing solvents

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Got Mold?

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

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