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Archived Commercial Blog Posts

SERVPRO Addresses San Jose Commercial Water Cleanup Challenges

4/2/2023 (Permalink)

a water damaged floor with bowed wood When water damage affects the floors in your commercial space, the situation demands quick attention. Contact SERVPRO right away.

San Jose Hardwood Floor Commercial Water Removal

When water intrudes inside your business, damage to hardwood floors can be of particular concern. Beautifully polished and maintained flooring sets a tone of elegance and success for your company. Destruction of a structural component that everyone immediately notices when visiting your premises creates the impression that your brand, products, and management are subpar. Warping and buckling from flooding present significant hazards for your customers and employees, creating safety and liability issues.

Can Hardwood Floors Survive a Soaking?

Fortunately, SERVPRO offers options for commercial water cleanup in San Jose that can restore even substantially saturated hardwood floors. Avoiding the disruption and expense of tearing out and replacing multiple layers of materials gets your business back on track faster. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians have the knowledge and skills to remove water from all affected structural components using:

  • Brooms, squeegees, and wanded extractors to cleanup standing water
  • Negative air pressure floor mats systems to suction out fluids previously drained through joints and crevices into subflooring 
  • Strategic removal or elevation of sections of floorboards so that warm air directed underneath can reach to dry wet areas

How Does Water Distort Hardwood Flooring?

The finished topside of a hardwood floor can shed liquids. The materials swell when fluids drain into the plywood layers underlying most floors. The sides and bottoms of the finished strips or planks are also absorbent. Water cleanup is essential to minimize cupping (where the bottom of strips are wet), crowning (where the edges of strips are wet), or buckling (where the wood is so swollen with extra moisture that it pulls away from the subfloor, loosening fasteners). Controlled drying of the commercial subfloors and top decorative strips or planks planned and implemented by SERVPRO experts ensures minimal distortion of the materials.

The water cleanup specialists at SERVPRO of NE San Jose have advanced training in water cleanup, removal, and drying, including when hardwood floors are at risk. Call (408) 834-7663 to schedule an evaluation of your commercial water damage.

Water Removal Impacts Many Floors in San Jose Offices

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO San Jose team member with a friendly smile Commercial water damage restoration services by SERVPRO in San Jose are second to none. Call now!

Water Removal from Different Office Floors

Every office building in San Jose is often a combination of several building materials. Even the flooring can change dramatically from one room to the next. When San Jose water damage events occur that leave the property contending with several inches of standing water or migrating moisture, flooring is often the first material affected. Common office installations include:

  • Carpeted Floors
  • Plank Flooring
  • Non-Porous Materials


Carpets are among the most popular office installation for flooring and, in many cases, the easiest to manage with water removal in San Jose buildings. Short-pile carpeting can only absorb small amounts of water before becoming saturated, so much of the damage stays on the surface.

Water can be removed from carpeting using a combination of extractors and drying tools. Carpet wands have the greatest ability to remove water from saturated fibers.

Wood and Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is another popular option for flooring materials in office buildings. With seams between the individual components, it is easy for water to penetrate the subflooring and saturate the impacted planks.

Drying mats are often the most helpful tools for wet plank floors. Through capillary suction, mats can draw moisture to the surface from the cellulose in the wood for removal.

Non-Porous Flooring Elements

Tile and concrete might be less common but still regular enough that SERVPRO professionals should prepare for cleanup. Because these installations do not absorb the water, surface cleaning is a suitable response.

Surface extraction, toweling, and drying are often sufficient for water damage to non-porous flooring. If contaminants exist, we can use disinfection cleaners.

Flooring varies considerably in office spaces, making it crucial for professionals to stay prepared to help with whatever damages exist. Our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team arrives fast with water removal tools designed to get drying started right away. Call our recovery team today at (408) 834-7663. 

FAQs About Alum Rock Commercial Water Mitigation

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

water drying of clothing store Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified water restoration team--Always ready to help our Alum Rock business community

SERVPRO’s Water Mitigation Team is Here for Alum Rock Businesses

Time is of the essence with all water emergencies, but it becomes more crucial when you have an incident within your Alum Rock business. SERVPRO is here to help you lessen or prevent downtime with our trusted commercial water mitigation services. We are experts in handling water extractions and drying your ceilings, flooring, drywall, and other challenging spaces within your business. With our scalability, we can handle all types and projects, from daycare water removals to manufacturing facility flooding cleanup.

Before restoring a property that has taken on water, SERVPRO must initiate commercial water mitigation in Alum Rock. The main action performed before restoration is water extraction. This includes standing water and residual moisture trapped in porous building materials, office building carpeting, and behind partitions.

  • Water restoration involves assessing your commercial property, containing the water, and keeping further damage from developing.
  • Mitigation services with SERVPRO also involve water removal services so we can move into drying and restoration to preloss conditions.

SERVPRO is the total package, covering every facet of mitigation and restoration. We do it all so that you can focus on other areas of your business, even taking the time to ensure your documentation is to help your insurance claim go smoothly. You can trust our IICRC-certified team for:

  • Rapid response – we arrive in four hours or less to begin an assessment
  • Trained water restoration technicians (WRT)
  • Moisture mapping and dry logs
  • Full explanations of our drying process
  • Emergency services available 24/7, including holidays

When you have SERVPRO of NE San Jose on the job, you know that your commercial water damage and restoration project will provide incredible results. Let us make it “Like it never even happened” so that your business never misses a beat! Contact us for help online or call our customer care team at (408) 834-7663.

Scoping Fire Damage to Contents in San Jose Shops

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a gray and green SERVPRO hat sitting on a ladder in a SERVPRO facility Regardless of the emergency, team SERVPRO arrives quickly on the scene. Our technicians have the certifications and the equipment to get the job done.

Content Cleaning Is Vital to Fire Restoration Services in San Jose Properties

With hundreds of shops throughout San Jose and its surrounding areas, many commercial properties look to the experience of our SERVPRO team when disasters like fires strike. A priority of our responding professionals to these emergencies is the management, cleaning, and storage of at-risk contents and inventory from the store.

What Do Pre-Job Inspections Accomplish?

Fire damage restoration for San Jose shops seeks to answer several pressing questions about the ideal recovery and repair approaches to come. When considering the state of the contents within the structure, there are also priorities. An inspection looks to determine:

  • Condition of contents
  • Salvageability
  • Secondary damages
  • Need for off-site recovery

Content Relocation

Relocating the contents is a fast and efficient way to remove them from the path of migrating fire loss effects. If there are available spaces within the building unaffected by the fire disaster, this is a good place to begin relocating items.

On-Site Cleaning

When cleaning is necessary to remove surface soot or neutralize trapped odors in the wares and inventory of your shop, much of this work is ideally done on-site. We have powerful cleaning products and deodorization equipment to help in this regard, and when restored, these items can be placed with the relocated wares elsewhere on the property.

Pack-Out Process

When on-site measures do not cover the extent of the cleanup necessary or protect these items from more considerable damage, we must act fast to relocate them to our nearby SERVPRO facility. The pack-out process, as it is called, gathers objects and moves them to our safe warehouse building where focused cleaning can occur, as well as well-documented and managed climate-controlled storage.

Protecting the contents of your shop is the objective of our fast-responding team of technicians and contractors. We quickly work to assess the damage and take the necessary steps to protect your investment as fire damage restoration work begins. Give our SERVPRO of NE San Jose team a call today at (408) 834-7663.

Restoring Water Damage in San Jose Office Facilities

3/1/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged clothing store; SERVPRO restoration equipment being used on floor to dry area From the structure to the inventory, water can damage every aspect your business. SERVPRO is the one-stop-shop to restore commercial water damage.

Pipe Bursts or Leaks in Structural Cavities Require Several Types of Water Damage Restoration in San Jose Buildings

Substantial damage incidents can significantly impact a property, especially open areas like commercial office buildings. Water spread can overwhelm contents and traditional office materials like glue-down carpeting and wood furniture.

Accessing the Water Damage Source

The first step to resolve water damage in San Jose office buildings after disasters is to determine the source of this water emergency. The emergence point of water damage through the ceiling or wall system might not exclusively point to the problem area. Still, it can be a start to controlled demolition to find where plumbing issues exist and repair these breaches to restore this vital service.

Cleaning Up Water Damage

Cleaning up after water loss incidents combines many actions taken through the mitigation and early restoration phases. When pipe bursts occur, the result can be destructive as water spreads rapidly until this supply is severed. To adequately clean up after these incidents, approaches vary considerably, including:

  • Extraction
  • Drying
  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Debris removal
  • Surface wipe cleaning

Replacing Destroyed Materials

The benefit of a contractor license is our ability to replace damaged structural elements as necessary during water restoration. Where utilities are hidden in structural cavities throughout the office building, water can damage specific surface materials like the tile of drop ceilings and drywall covering the wall systems after only a short exposure period. It is most often easier to replace these items rather than attempt restoration.

There are many stages to repairing and restoring water damage to office buildings. Even with the fast response of our experienced SERVPRO of NE San Jose team, excessive water damage incidents can take several days to even weeks to resolve. It is vital to get these services started as soon as possible to limit the impact on your structure. Call today at (408) 834-7663. 

Can SERVPRO Help San Jose Properties with Commercial Water Removal Needs?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

a ceiling that has been torn up to reveal the pipes above it Facing water damage in your commercial space can certainly slow down production. Contact our SERVPRO team for effective water removal efforts.

San Jose Commercial Property Owners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup

Commercial water damage can be a devastating event for a San Jose business. Bringing in a professional water restoration service can increase the chance for a better outcome. Relying on DIY methods can result in more damage to the structure and contents.

When SERVPRO handles a commercial property with water removal needs, several aspects have a bearing on how quickly the business can reopen, such as:

  • The type of water damage within the structure
  • How large of an area received the effects
  • If the need for a pack out exists

Types of Water Damage

Three main types of water affect structures, both commercial and residential. Clean, Gray, and Black water are the designations, and clean and gray can become contaminated black water if the cleanup efforts do not begin rapidly enough. 

Both gray and black water need special handling, particularly black water due to the likely presence of bacteria or pathogens.

Determining the Scale of the Damage

SERVPRO techs do not rely on visuals to ascertain how large the water's migration path is within a structure. The techs use sophisticated equipment to locate all areas of collective water vapor hiding within walls, under flooring, and other areas within the building.

Packout As Part of the Restoration Service

In some cases, stock and valuable electronic equipment cannot remain on-site and must be removed to a secure location. SERVPRO can host the items until the restoration services 

SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663 brings professional commercial water removal to San Jose business properties. The trained, certified technicians are available around the clock seven days a week to make the water damage, "Like it never even happened."

San Jose Commercial Properties Often Face Unique Challenges in Terms of Fire Restoration

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

a fire taking over the wires and inside of a computer An electrical fire at your commercial location can certainly stop progress. Contact SERVPRO to assess and formulate a fire restoration plan.

SERVPRO Adjusts and Adapts to Fire Restoration Projects, Thus Ensuring Quality, Effective Results in San Jose

Did you have an incident like an electrical fire inside your commercial building? Any fire event, big or small, can get out of control and leave damage and intense odors behind. Calling for help from trained odor control technicians (OCT) ensures your San Jose business never gets left with lingering foul odors from smoke and soot. SERVPRO has all the right team members for every project, all using the latest equipment to get the job done. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, which helps you limit the downtime you see for daily operations.

When hired for commercial fire restoration in San Jose, our team talks you through the process to give a clear picture of the project. These are just a few of the common steps you can take on your own once you have a fire in your commercial space:

  • Contact the property owner and your insurance provider – Contact the property owner or insurance company to inform them of the event after you know everyone is safe and the fire is out. SERVPRO is ready and able to work with the insurance agent on your claim to ensure it all goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Secure the building – Once first responders leave and our IICRC-certified Green Fleet arrives, you need to know your building is safe and secure. We offer tarping and board-up services to keep vandals and animals out while also protecting the interior from the elements.
  • Detailed inventory must get taken – No matter the type of building or industry you are in, more than likely inventory must get accounted for. Our crew will document all items moved off-site for restoration or storage, ensuring there is a paper trail each step of the way.

Commercial fire damage is no match for the restoration professionals here at SERVPRO of NE San Jose. Call us whenever you need us to respond by dialing (408) 834-7663.

Is It Possible to Estimate Drying Time During Water Damage Mitigation in San Jose?

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Close-up of SERVPRO cap on ladder step; SERVPRO restoration equipment in background When our team arrives at your business, we estimate the level of moisture involved and allocate the resources to manage it.

SERVPRO Makes Various Calculations to Determine the Resources Needed and Expected Timelines

After water intrudes into your San Jose business premises, your immediate worry might be how to extract the pools left on the floors or other surfaces. However, drying wet materials and contents should not be overlooked, especially since the amount of water involved is not readily apparent.

Drying is crucial during water damage mitigation in your San Jose property to restore preloss conditions and prevent further deterioration in your property. You can only realize the desired outcomes by estimating the level of moisture involved and allocating enough resources to manage it. SERVPRO helps with both estimation and removal, thus helping you avoid severe moisture-related problems.

Common problems caused by excess moisture include:

  • Indoor air quality issues
  • Discomfort from high humidity 
  • Rotting, rusting, and other forms of material deterioration
  • Bad odor

Determining the time it might take to dry your premises is possible by performing specific calculations. Our SERVPRO teams focus on calculating the resources needed to manage the moisture left within your premises. 

The typical estimates we make include:

  • Calculating setup of air movers
  • Calculating setup of dehumidifiers
  • Establishing a drying goal

Calculating the setup of air movers means establishing the number of units needed to supply constant airflow over the wet surfaces to sustain evaporation rates. Although fast evaporation expedites drying, control is necessary to ensure the rate of evaporation matches dehumidification. Typically, our SERVPRO crew chiefs allocate one air moving unit for every 50 square feet of wet materials.

Another essential aspect of moisture estimation is establishing a drying goal. After determining the overall drying goal, breaking it down further into shorter periods for monitoring and adjustments is essential. For instance, if our SERVPRO team establishes that drying would take a week or several days, we also set daily goals. 

SERVPRO of NE San Jose helps manage water damage mitigation professionally. Call us at (408) 834-7663. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Leave Water Damage Cleanup in Your San Jose Business to the Pros

8/11/2021 (Permalink)

a broken blue pipe leaking water A burst wall pipe can potentially cause a quiet water damage situation before it’s blatantly visible. Contact our SERVPRO team 24/7 to help you.

When Your San Jose Café Suffers from Water Damage, SERVPRO Has the Best Tools and Techniques for the Job!

Whether you have water overflowing from a basin in your commercial kitchen or burst pipes overnight, time is of the essence at your San Jose café. Water damage remediation must begin as quickly as possible, and simply using a mop and bucket will not do. Calling in professionals for water removal services ensures your business gets back to normal faster than any DIY methods could achieve. This is where SERVPRO comes in, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Because your dining establishment thrives when fully functioning and it must meet cleanliness guidelines, having skilled technicians on the job to handle water damage in San Jose is imperative. Moisture levels and indoor air quality (IAQ) are two areas that we must consider carefully during the project.

Measures that we take during your water damage restoration job may include:

  • Extraction of standing water using powerful pumps and truck-mounted extractors
  • Setup of high-capacity air movers and fans to improve air circulation
  • Placement of industrial-grade dehumidifiers for removing moisture from the air
  • Moisture detection with the help of sensors, meters, and other equipment
  • Continuous monitoring of relative humidity (RH) as we move through the project
  • Controlled demolition for removal and replacement of any unsalvageable materials

Depending on the location of the water damage in your café, the SERVPRO team may put plastic sheeting or containment barriers in place. Our crew also wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and foot coverings for safety and ensures no moisture or contaminants get tracked into unaffected zones.

When it comes to prompt, reliable water damage assistance, you can trust the team at SERVPRO of NE San Jose. Call us at (408) 834-7663, and we will dispatch a crew as soon as possible.

What to Look for in a Fire Damage Restoration Team in San Jose?

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

"Faster to any size disaster" SERVPRO teams are available around the clock to assist with any level of fire damage.

Business Owners in San Jose Facing Fire Damage Can Call Upon SERVPRO’s Expertise.

Fire damage to a business in San Jose can derail its operations, whether it is a startup or a well-established vendor. Fire and smoke damage restoration can be increasingly complex if regulations from entities such as the health department. Relying on a professional fire restoration team alleviates your worries and results in a cadre of specialists in the field at your service.

Our fellow San Jose business owners needing fire damage restoration services can call our SERVPRO hotline around the clock for help. Our work extends well beyond cleaning the smoke and soot left behind by the fire. We target all problem areas, including removing debris and smoke remediation, so your business returns to pre-fire condition as soon as possible.

SERVPRO fire restoration technicians pay close attention to the critical elements of cleaning fire-damaged settings. After understanding the flames’ trajectory and the nature of each surface they touched, we focus on the following:

  • Temperature- higher temperatures can accelerate the chemical reactions elicited in cleaning solutions. The surface and the selected cleaner will dictate the optimal temperature our technicians seek.
  • Time- each deodorizing and cleaning technique requires a predetermined lapse to maximize their effect. Our team applies and monitors their application within those parameters.
  • Agitation- rapid movement helps loosen up residue from the surfaces we clean, and we achieve agitation with manual tools such as brushes and mechanical equipment, including ultrasonic machines.

Regardless of your fire restoration needs, SERVPRO of NE San Jose is ready to handle fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup as soon as you need us. Call us at (408) 834-7663 and let us leave your business “Like it never even happened.”

What Containment Measures Can Prevent Widespread Water Damage in San Jose Businesses?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment We have the experience, specialized training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

We have Physical Barriers and Mitigation Tools to Stop the Spread of Migrating Water in San Jose Structures. 

The spread of water damage can be threatening to area shops. As challenging as these effects become to remove, prolonged moisture exposure can lead to costlier needs of reconstruction and repairs. Deterioration and degradation can affect several building materials and areas of the shop, including:

  • Structural cavities
  • Subflooring
  • Ceiling systems

What Initial Water Damage Restoration Actions Help San Jose Shops?

While water removal services can be beneficial in starting water damage restoration for San Jose businesses, our drying measures can have the most significant impact on recovery. Strategically placed air movers and dehumidifiers can promote efficient evaporative drying that limits moisture migration to more challenging areas of the property. Positive pressure systems are instrumental in this effort, forcing blasts of warm, dry air into structural cavities.

Water damage restoration involves several steps and stages, and our experienced SERVPRO of NE San Jose team can help. We are available 24/7 at (408) 834-7663.

Fire Cleanup Services in Commercial Buildings in San Jose

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with equipment Fires can happen without warning and you are going to need a company to come in and take care of the damage. Call SERVPRO for fire damage remediation.

Can High Gloss Surfaces be Cleaned Safely After a Fire in San Jose?

Many commercial buildings, especially with customer-facing offices, tend to have professionally designed premises with high gloss display surfaces for their products. Can these surfaces be safely cleaned and smoke residue removed without damaging the glossy surfaces?

SERVPRO utilizes a variety of cleaning products providing fire cleanup services in San Jose commercial properties. Whether it is a high gloss display case or an employee's workspace, our fire and smoke restoration technicians know which cleaning products to use for every type of smoke residue and surface.

  • Spray and Wipe cleaners control the amount of cleaner applied to the surface
  • Foam cleaners work well on fabrics and high gloss surfaces
  • We can use mild abrasive cleaners to remove more difficult to remove residues

We can test small hidden areas first to determine which cleaner does the best job and avoids damaging the surface in any way. SERVPRO can also clean contents by immersion in a cleaning solution. This process is beneficial for Venation blinds.

Contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose for commercial fire cleanup services in San Jose and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (408) 834-7663.

Do You Need Mold Removal for Your San Jose Business?

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

the back of a SERVPRO van Have you seen or smelled mold and mold damage on your property? Contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663 right away.

Wait for the experts and do not attempt mold removal

There are some tell-tale signs of mold in your business. These include dark green, gray, or brown mold patches, damp patches on walls or ceilings, or an unpleasant musty odor.

If you suspect your San Jose business needs mold removal, call SERVPRO at once. We train our technicians to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, which means they have the latest tools and techniques to handle mold.

While you are waiting for our team to arrive, please do not:

  • Attempt to clean the mold with bleach or any commercial mold cleaners.
  • Try to scrub away the mold with brushes.
  • Walkthrough the affected area unless necessary.
  • Switch on fans or open windows as this can encourage the mold spores to spread.

Mold spreads very quickly. That is why our team sets up containment around the area and uses negative air machines to prevent spores from escaping. The less your staff disturbs the mold before we arrive, the better.

For mold removal in your business, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

Enjoy Opera in San Jose from Your Own Home

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Advertisement for Three Decembers We loom forward to seeing you at the Opera!

Join San Jose Opera for Their First Fully Staged Digital Production 

Opera lovers will be delighted with San Jose Opera’s latest show. World-renowned singer Susan Graham leads the company in a performance of Three Decembers that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Three Decembers is an emotional journey featuring: 

  • A story based on the unpublished work of Tony award-winning playwright Terrence McNally.
  • A world-class ensemble cast.
  • An unforgettable score by Jake Heggie and a libretto by Gene Scheer.

Three Decembers is a poignant story about one family’s journey to understanding themselves and one another. This intimate chamber opera lasts for 90 minutes, and tickets are $40 per household. The performance is an on-demand streaming performance and is available until Sunday, January 10, 2021.  

SERVPRO understands that whether the performance is in-person or digital, theaters must still keep their properties free of mold. Wet weather and unused buildings contribute to the risk of fungal growth. For help with mold damage, call SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663.

What Can Business Owners Expect From Mold Remediation?

10/13/2020 (Permalink)

Mold in petri dish You can rely on SERVPRO's experienced technicians to take care of your mold damage.

No Hype -- SERVPRO Offers a Solid Plan to Businesses Needing Mold Remediation in San Jose.

Mold damage in commercial property spaces can make San Jose specialty food grocery owners nervous and embarrassed. Relax a bit by knowing that mold growth hotspots do not mean your cleaning crew is not doing its job. Mold damage also rarely links to carelessness in stock rotation or other inventory decisions. Problematic mold growth results from one thing -- excessive moisture. We can help find, mitigate, and remediate the water damage. We are also mold remediation experts, able to halt the current mold proliferation and inhibit future growth. 

Can Remediators Promise to Remove Mold Entirely?

We are precise in our services' characterization, offering mold remediation for San Jose commercial spaces, not mold elimination. Elimination of all active mold growth and spores is not attainable without crushing and ongoing expense. Molds are everywhere in both the outdoor and indoor environments. Most of the time, mold spores cause little concern because they remain dry. Water is essential for mold growth, so if we can help you manage the moisture, the mold problem slows and stops. 

How Do Mold Remediators Reach Their Goals?

SERVPRO mold remediation technicians follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol for schools and commercial buildings. 

  • Locate the Mold

We rely on business owners to direct us to the visible outbreak or the characteristic musty smell of multiplying mold. Testing is available, but often unnecessary and expensive. 

  • Contain the Mold

Our technicians wrap the affected area in 1.6 mil polyethylene, using plastic conduit to build partitions if needed. SERVPRO negative pressure air scrubbers join the configuration in many cases, sealing off the enclosure and clearing the air of airborne mold residues by forcing air through HEPA filters.

  • Remove the Mold

Scraping and brushing mechanically remove the bulk of the mold off non-porous surfaces. Soda or dry ice blasting can remove surface mold and incapacitate the hyphae inside porous materials, avoiding the disruption of removing the building materials.

  • Clean Up and Appropriate Disposal 

The mold organisms, any porous materials we cannot save, and residues from floors and surfaces are double bagged and disposed of according to local hazardous waste rules.  

  • Disinfect and Seal Affected Surfaces

EPA-registered antimicrobials inhibit the rebound of mold growth. Proprietary antimicrobial coating can halt further mold development and prepare surfaces for repainting.

The SERVPRO of NE San Jose mold remediation crew is ready to remove the current infestation and help business owners avoid future infection. Call us at (408) 834-7663 for an honest evaluation of your business's circumstances.

How Can I Get a Toilet Backup Cleaned Quickly in My Commercial Property?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians stacking restoration equipment in storage facility SERVPRO is equipped to handle any water damage emergency you may have.

SERVPRO techs can cleanup any size water damage to your San Jose commercial property

Besides the distinctive odor that can clear a room, a sewage backup in your business property needs fast action to limit the amount of damage. Anything this water seeps into may require disposal as a biohazard. The quicker the cleanup begins, the less time the business needs to stay closed and the less replacement of articles and building materials that needs to happen. 

Can Exposure to Commercial Water Damage From a Toilet Backup Be Dangerous?

When commercial water damage in your San Jose property contains sewage, it has the potential to have a host of issues such as

  • Harmful bacteria
  • Pathogenic elements
  • Solid waste matter 

All of these things can be harmful to come into contact with or even aspirate. SERVPRO techs wear full-body protective gear to ensure they work safely. For this type of cleanup, the use of containment and negative air setups to port away airborne particulates and improve air quality is standard. 

The use of moisture detection equipment is critical with this type of mitigation, as it is vital to locate all paths of water migration within the structure. Because sheetrock wicks moisture so readily, it is not uncommon for the bottom portion of the building materials to require removal after coming in contact with the backup water. SERVPRO techs use their comprehensive training in controlled demolition to cleanly remove the ruined portions. This action also assists with allowing greater airflow into the wall cavities for faster drying. 

Disinfection and odor control go hand in hand for this type of restoration service. The techs hand clean surfaces after drying with their professional cleaning agents that include exclusive antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions. When the building reopens for business, there are no traces of what occurred.   

When you need commercial water damage cleanup, especially if sewage is involved, contact SERVPRO of NE San Jose at (408) 834-7663. The technicians are available 24/7 to restore your property to its original condition, "Like it never even happened." 

More about San Jose.

Reopening Your Business

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned seal The 'Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned' sticker is emblematic of a superior brand, that provides superior service.


As businesses are reopening or preparing to reopen, it is important to correctly clean and disinfect 'high touch' commercial spaces. The threat of COVID-19 is still present and to reduce the risk of further spread, businesses need to take steps to disinfect their property. The type of disinfecting needed is a higher level than your standard day to day cleaning. Disinfecting is vital to protect your employees and clients.  No building is too small or too large for these services. Our Large Loss team, at SERVPRO of NE San Jose specializes in disasters such as the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our technicians are trained in Biohazard cleanup, Blood-born pathogens, and maintain current IICRC certification. Additionally, our technicians are fully trained in proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Reopening cleaning / disinfecting may include a wide range of services depending on the needs of the business. These services include the use of EPA certified disinfectants approved for COVID-19 cleanup and sanitization. Disinfecting of all touchable areas in your building will include but not be limited to: walls, floors, doors, door handles, light switches, windows, tables, table tops, chairs, sinks, cabinets, filing cabinets, computer key boards and mouse, phones, printers, lunch rooms, bathroom stalls and machinery. Our technicians follow all OSHA regulations, as well as guidance from the CDC.

Businesses SERVPRO can help
SERVPRO technicians are capable of assisting many different types of businesses with our services. We can effectively disinfect offices, salons, and small stores, as well as large manufacturing facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and schools. 

Preventive Vs. Reactive
Preventive disinfecting is a service made for businesses that have not experienced a positive or suspected COVID-19. Preventive cleaning still disinfects all touchable surfaces to treat any possible viruses that may be in your facility. Reactive cleaning, is a disinfectant service after a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. This disinfecting requires the use of several types of services. IF the business requires a reactive disinfectant cleaning, please call immediately, a protocol needs to be turned around quickly in order to reduce further contamination as well as spread of the virus.

By using electrostatic fogging technology, SERVPRO technicians can cover a relatively large area in a short period of time. This process allows for the use of liquid disinfectant in a non damaging manner to paper or fabrics. The fogging turns liquid disinfectant into a fine mist that lands on all surfaces and then dissipates after a period of dry time. The fine mist allows technicians to disinfect areas faster, the service can be more cost effective than using the pump sprayer technique.